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About Tateon

The idea for the production of Tateon and his creative journey began in 2018. As a result of the persistent search of the brothers Armen and Henry, this alcoholic drink was born with a unique method of preparation, taste and aroma. The Tateon consists solely of an apple and an apple tree.

The juice obtained by squeezing apples undergoes fermentation for 4-5 months to the sounds of classical music. Subsequently, only the highest quality distillate core is selected for further processing.

The next step is to work with specially selected fragrant apple wood. The fragrant smoke of apple wood, previously brought to smoldering in the oven, is mixed with apple distillate.

At the end of processing, by immersing the apple tree wood in a drink, the unique taste, smell, color and character of Tateon is formed. Tateon is recommended to drink at a temperature of 15-25 °, enjoying it in glasses with maximum contact with air, as well as with the addition of ice.

Within 45 seconds after filling the glass, as a result of direct contact with air, a unique bouquet of aromas is formed. In order to fully enjoy the nature and influence of Tateon, it is advisable to observe the development of the aroma palette before tasting, during the next 45 seconds after filling the glass and beyond.

As soon as the drink comes into contact with the front and central parts of the palate, the whole bouquet of aromas gradually forms and develops. This rich bouquet of tastes and aromas of our drink evokes a unique, unforgettable feeling of contact with beauty.

Tateon tree

What our clients say

A sip of Tateon in the bottomless azure of the sea and nothing else. 💙

by Mina André Harutyunyan

Tateon !! Parfait après un bon barbecue!!

by Arnaud André

I fell in love with apple Tateon.. from the first sip. So I decided to test Armen Karapetyan the secrets of reincarnation of apple tree into a new premium drink. Thanks to the guys from GastroVino for publishing!

by Erna Revazova