Tateon a bottle of happiness

New Armenian Alcoholic Drink

ABV 42%  

blank Apple which grow in Armenia tastes like sun and Tateon, which is made by sun, will give you incredible sense of taste, which will always be in your memories.

What our clients say

A sip of Tateon in the bottomless azure of the sea and nothing else. 💙

Mina André Harutyunyan
Mina André Harutyunyan

Tateon !! Parfait après un bon barbecue!!

Tateon alco reviews
Arnaud André

I fell in love with apple Tateon.. from the first sip. So I decided to test Armen Karapetyan the secrets of reincarnation of apple tree into a new premium drink. Thanks to the guys from GastroVino for publishing!

Tateon reviews by Erna Revazova
Erna Revazova

Where to buy

Every new day brings an opportunity to try something new. All you have to do is not to miss the moment, seize the opportunity and make pleasant choices. You can find Tateon in: